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High school students participating in the University of Florida's Science Quest summer camp. Photo courtesy of Martha Monroe.

The education team is creating resources and programs to educate high school students and teachers as well as university students about the relevance of forests, forest management, and climate impacts. The PINEMAP education program also engages university students in collaborative, interdisciplinary research aimed at solving complex societal problems.

The education team is developing educational resources and training programs to

    • convey the value and relevance of southern forests and climate change impacts;
    • engage undergraduate interns in research and teaching activities;
    • prepare graduate students to address climate change mitigation and adaptation issues and engage in interdisciplinary research; and
    • contribute to a national educational network in the development and delivery of an inquiry-based high school module that introduces climate change and features select PINEMAP research findings.
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PINEMAP Collaborators


University of Florida | Alcorn State University | University of Georgia | Auburn University | Mississippi State University | North Carolina A & T University | North Carolina State University |
Oklahoma State University | Texas A & M University | Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University | Virginia State University

University-Corporate-Governmental Research Cooperatives

Cooperative Forest Genetics Research Program | Cooperative Tree Improvement Program | Forest Biology Research Cooperative | Forest Modeling Research Cooperative |
Forest Productivity Cooperative | Plantation Management Research Cooperative | Southern Forest Resource Assessment Consortium | Western Gulf Forest Tree Improvement Program


U.S. Forest Service | Southern Regional Extension Forestry | Southeast Climate Consortium | Additional Supporters

The Pine Integrated Network: Education, Mitigation, and Adaptation project (PINEMAP) is a Coordinated Agricultural Project funded by the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture, Award #2011-68002-30185.